About Us

A few years ago, the fitness world brought us together and a lasting friendship was formed. We love coffee - from talking about our favorite roasts, to anticipating the first sip as the espresso machine begins its faithful extraction. It’s how our team starts the day and usually picks ourselves up in the afternoon.

Through our coffee adventures, we realized that the world was lacking in quality coffee. Coffee is more than a pick-me-up: It is an experience of subtle notes and flavors, just like the day-to-day habits that build a person, team, or company into something spectacular. It is knowing the best coffee beans have been selected for you, have been treated in best ways possible to respect the ingredients, and you can taste the difference.

So, we had a crazy idea that we should be the ones to bring this experience to the world. And Good Habits Coffee was born.

We are so excited and honored to share this experience with you, 

Hannah, Rikki and Daniel