Our Commitment

Good Habits Coffee is not only committed to providing the highest quality and freshest coffee to our customers to fuel their good habits, but we are also committed to good habits for the environment. 

From Day 1 of starting this journey, the team laid out goals for creating a sustainable product and ensure that each portion of our supply chain supported these targets. From farm to cup, Good Habits Coffee is committed to sourcing green coffee from farms with certified-sustainable farming practices, obtaining industry accepted certifications and maintaining rigorous standards prior to being awarded these designations.

Our roaster maintains sustainability targets within their own facility, minimizing their carbon footprint, supporting composting and renewable energy sources while providing a high quality product. 

Good Habits business operations strive to minimize the impact on material and packaging waste on the environment. Our shipping bags can be composted, and our coffee bags fully recycled. As we continue to refine our processes, we will work to move to even more sustainable coffee bags, while also being able to provide the highest level of freshness of our product. 

Our team is always looking for ways to be better, and we are committed to providing sustainability and transparency to our customers.